It’s here!

Thanks to the musical stylings of a truly talented bunch of humans, I’m pleased to share Shiner and Her Lucky Pennies’ first EP!

All songs will be available for download on, iTunes, and Amazon soon, and CDs can be purchased from CDBaby. You can check out a few of the songs on our website, too.

I’m grateful to my producer (and husband), Ray Gennari, who worked his magic at The Rocktorium of Love. I’d also like to thank all the musicians who played on the album:

Jack Brown
Richard Burleson
Jim Chancellor (aka Texas Shorty)
Greg FigglioziRay Gennari
Louie Hallford
Gerald Jones
Sam Noth
Mitchell Smithey
Clint Strong
Mike Warner
Phillip Wildman

Thanks also to Randy Pelfrey, who did the engineering on “Laughing at Life,” and to Phillip Wildman, who pulled together most of the players for this project, and the entire Wildman family, who opened their home and hearts to us.

I should also note that any profits from the sale of this album will be donated to the Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting. Metcalf Institute works to improve news coverage of environmental issues through science training for journalists and communication training for scientists. It was in my role as executive director of Metcalf Institute that I received a fellowship from the Rhode Island Foundation in 2013 that started this musical odyssey. That fellowship was a sort of mini-sabbatical that allowed me to pursue my musical interests and also supported much of the costs of producing this album. I’m pleased to return the favor by using any proceeds to support Metcalf Institute’s mission.



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